Nightangel visiting concerts with Michael Kiske Part 1

I want to tell a little bit about my live experiences of concerts with Michael Kiske. You probably know that I’m a big fan of his voice, but sadly I could not watch a concert when he was still in Helloween. At that time I was struggling with the illness of my parents and this made it impossible. It was much worse, I already had a ticket for a Helloween concert, but due to the health condition of my parents, I couldn’t go to the concert.

Then Michael Kiske was not in Helloween anymore and it took around over 20 years after I discovered his voice, that I could finally see him life. My first concert was Unisonic in Mörlenbach, Weiher on 05.06.2010. I followed the ‘Where wishes fly’ Kiske Fanclub (which was run by Dani at that time) in a passive way, since I still had to deal with many difficulties after the death of my parents and then starting to study to establish my own life. In 2010 it was a time where I had just finished my studies at the university besides my job which was a very stressful phase in my life. I read a small but very interesting message at the official fanclub about his first live appearance with his new band Unisonic after 17 years and at the beginning I couldn’t believe it. At that time I was only a reader of forum messages but this whole thing seemed to be real and there was also an organization with a recommended hotel done within the fanclub and forum. I finally decided to participate in Michi Kiskes first live appearance in Mörlenbach/Weiher on 05.06.2010.

I arrived at the concert hall at around 7:20 pm. Later I found out that I missed a signing session of Michi Kiske before the concert. The concert started at 9 pm and even if I saw Michi on stage I still couldn’t believe it, since it was such a long time he has not entered any stage. But from the very first note on you could hear it’s him, the singer that once was called the “wonder singer” and the successor of such legends like Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and Dio. Of course a lot of things had happened in-between which should not be discussed in this review and could be noted as a sad side note. His voice is still the same like so many years ago,…oh wait not the same,…he is much more mature today and improved with style and variety. They played for around an hour and it was worth every minute.

After this first and very emotional concert, I decided to visit another one, the third show in Bruchsal. There were some differences; the first was the addition of a local support band from that region. In comparison with the first warm-up show, this gig was much more professional with a better sound and light equipment in this hall. Also the band did some remarkable improvements and the most noticeable was the great interaction between Michael and the audience. It was almost like in the good old times and Michael told that there were times, when he never thought of entering a stage again. He was very happy, that he did it again and everything is a fantastic experience for him. Michael also said something about how surprised he was, with so many people visiting these small shows. The band playing had also improved a lot with some more position changes of the band members. During one song Michael left the stage and started singing from the audience position which gave the people another funny and exciting moment.

Then I decided to watch Michael Kiske at one of the big festival, the Masters of Rock festival in Czech Republic and this was my longest and most adventures travel by car to a concert so far, with a route of about 1000 km. There were some heavy weather conditions announced before and I faced that around 1 hour after I started my trip. The clouds became darker and darker and finally some branches flow to my direction, a heavy storm with thunder and lightning and heavy rain started too. I could just manage to direct my car to the next parking place. I stayed inside my car, because of the heavy lightning directly above me. Luckily my car didn’t get damaged with branches and other stuff that flew around. I waited for about an hour there and then continued my trip.

Unisonic played at the fourth day of the festival. This day, the weather was quite bad with several rain showers and colder temperatures. This was of course the days that I was looking forward the most with the Unisonic performance. I had seen Unisonic on two warm-up shows before but was really very excited how they would do in front of such a big audience. The meet and greet event with UNISONIC was the first highlight of the day. A lot of people were waiting for them, more than for the previous bands of that day. Sadly a grim looking security guy only allowed signing one item for every person. But I had the time to make a few pictures and Michael was in very good mood. Of course I got my cd booklet signed and could also get a signed autographed card. Additionally I bought a T-Shirt as a merchandising as well.

About one hour and half later, UNISONIC was introduced by a festival speaker, but I could not understand a word. A band introduction in English would have helped a lot, since there were many people from other countries. They entered the stage with ‘Cross the Line’. Again Michael was in a very good vocal condition and especially the backing vocals were much more professional than during the small club shows. The band really enjoyed playing, even during this quite bad weather. Michael also gave the audience the chance to sing along on several tracks. The concert finished with another brilliant performance of ‘A little time’ with a high screaming highlight of Michael in the middle part of the song. The audience was also very enthusiastic after the concert and would have been happy with more songs.