The first 2 days we had a great weather in a very nice location nearby a river. Sadly most of the bands playing during the first 2 days were not my cup of tea, so enjoyed more the weather. On the 3rd day you could see less Black/Death/Thrash Metal shirts and more people with traditional Metal shirts. I was also glad to see several people wearing Unisonic shirts. The bands playing on the 3rd day were also more into the traditional Metal and Hard Rock style. A lot of people joined the signing session to get autographs from the band and luckily all 5 band members were there. It was not allowed to take pictures directly in front of the signing place and we were also told only to get 2 items signed. I let them sign my Unisonic editions, which were not yet signed. I also brought an old picture of Michael with me and he took some time for it and said a few words about it to the others. I also talked a few words with Kosta and Kai.

The concert started at 19:45 with Götz Kühnemund introducing Unisonic as co-Headliner. Then the known Wagner intro appeared and another great concert started. I could manage to be at first row. Michael was again in perfect vocal shape and Kai of course was funny as always and really enjoyed playing in Germany again. The band itself seems to be growing more and more together and very often changed their positions. I stood nearby some speakers, but the sound was quite ok. The mixing of the vocals could have been a bit louder maybe, but the whole sound was better than of some other bands who played before. They played the South American set-list with the exception of the songs ‘Renegade’, ‘I’ve Tried’ and sadly one of my favorites ‘Over the Rainbow’. They kept the 3 Helloween songs ‘March of Time’, ‘Future World’ and ‘I want Out’. The audience sang with the band during several songs. Of course the whole crowd went wild during the old Helloween classics. Michael again left the stage to shake several hands in the audience and a fantastic but sadly too short concert ended.